When the world sees a caterpillar, we see your inner butterfly.

Just like each butterfly is beautiful in their own way, we believe each lady has her own unique beauty from within. This is why we refer to our clients as butterflies – individual and beautiful wonders of nature that are free to fly across the world on a journey of beauty showing off their beautiful colours, shapes and sizes. Spread your wings and fly with us!

Le Voyage Beauty and Spa was founded in July 2014. We are a complete Beauty Center and our beauty approach stands apart from all the rest. When you visit our world you will land in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Travel on your first class journey from Le Voyage Beauty and Spa airport in Abu Dhabi, to 10 famous cities of fashion, beauty and wonder. From the moment you step in, you will be treated with the first class service you deserve, having you leave with a relaxed and fully restored state of mind. Within this caring and nurturing environment, clients can experience an array of state of the art beauty services. A contemporary, yet flattering look, that is in demand by everyone.

We wish you a beautiful, safe and relaxing journey...

Lots of Beauty Love

Fatima & Khulood